We are a family business founded in 2010. We are located north of Copenhagen, with a view of the blue sea of Øresund.   

We pour our soul and energy into every single piece of clothing in our collections. We have been in the business for over 30 years and know that if you choose a piece made of a quality fabric, it will outlive the seasons. 

Our designs are uncomplicated: comfortable yet sporty, the perfect look for your everyday life. With soft fabrics in exciting colors and the right touch of fashion, our clothes radiate good energy and coolness. Whether you are at a yoga class, out shopping, working at home, or relaxing on the weekends, Blue will be your favorite piece.  

We strive to make your favorites and we have several iconic pieces in our collections such as our much-loved bestsellers. These pieces effortlessly combine with the trends of every season’s new and inspiring designs to suit your individual style.   

We source only the finest materials and factories. We primarily use natural fibers such as PIMA COTTON as well as the luxurious ALPACA and MERINO wool blends.   

Our name Blue is taken from the sky, the sea, and open horizons. A Blue woman is an explorer of timelessness.